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Monday, January 23, 2006

Raku vessels

We've spent most of this afternoon setting up the LooseEnds blogring, something I thought would be a piece of cake...but which needed a modicum of technical support. (Thanks Mark!) It now appears to be working, and in my role as "ringmaster" (!) I approved Helen (Textile Goddess) as a member with no problem. Trouble is, I was unable to approve myself! I made one or two small changes and am now a member of my own group. Perhaps Groucho Marx would have a comment on that?

So, in testing the ring, I surfed to the Textile Goddess and saw her Raku vessels which were very interesting. Do you think that the two potters (assuming they were made by different people) may have used a similar reference for the shapes of their work?

In comparing Helen's blog entry with mine, note the total lack of photography skills in my case whilst standing back and admiring her professional approach!

Blogring set up and ready to roll now, all applications welcome!


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