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Sunday, April 01, 2007

If it's Sunday....

...then I must be in Stockholm!

It's been a bit like that recently, for after a busy few days at home I had a couple at the NEC, on the Denman College stand at Sewing for Pleasure. Came back on Friday night and spent just over 24 hours at home before heading for Heathrow and a flight here this morning.

What a great day to fly over northern Europe - stunning views all the way over, so I couldn't resist getting my camera out. I think the photo above is somewhere in NE Denmark but if you care to get out an atlas and correct me, I'd be delighted.
As you can tell from the photo, the weather here is gloriously Springlike and just the right temperature for strolling around comfortably. We enjoyed reorienting ourselves late this afternoon, wandered around the old town, Gamla Stan before having an early dinner at a great restaurant recommended by our hotel. Good choice!
Spotted these little felted chaps in a shop window earlier. Cute, aren't they?

I plan to do a little exploring tomorrow, whilst Mark is at his meeting. Might just stumble across a yarn shop or two....who knows?



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