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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Entertained by a wedding

As we decided to sit under a very large umbrella and have a drink in the cafe by the Town Hall in Stresa this afternoon, we watched guests starting to gather for a wedding. Sadly, umbrellas were needed for the rain was pretty non-stop.

We soon identified the groom as being the chap in the green tie, green stripy shirt and yes, even a suit with a green stripe. Very sharp!

Of course, this being Italy, some interesting shoes were in evidence.

Several guests did a little impulse shopping in the shop selling "pashmina" shawls and bought something warmer to wear whilst they waited, others took refuge in the bar next door.

A flurry of excitement stage right told us that the bride was about to arrive and, sure enough, there she was on the arm of her proud father, both wearing touches of green in their outfits, he in a green tie, she carrying a bouquet of lily-of-the-valley and wrapped with a green chiffon stole.

A cheer went round as she was greeted by the bridegroom and the pair went hurriedly inside, followed by their guests.

Well, most of the guests.

Some preferred to stay outside and have a cigarette. (Fancy getting dressed up to stand in the rain and smoke!)

The bridegroom's chums (I assume) preferred to go back into the bar next door.

Very soon, the happy couple reappeared, to be greeted by their family and friends and the odd tourist (can you spot which he might be?) As they made their way out of the building, the sweet Auntie with the carrier bag (which had been worrying me, I must say - how smartly she was dressed, yet with a carrier bag?!) pulled out a bag of arborio rice (only the best will do) and proceeded to share handfuls amongst the guests.

Hugs, kisses and much celebration followed, for by this time the rain had stopped and everyone was in a more relaxed mood as they left on board a boat to the next stage of their ceremony. There was a warm, happy atmosphere around the square and even those of us not directly involved with the wedding shared the rosy glow that only a happy bride and groom can create.

Just one thing - I know I ought not to comment on personal choice, but a tattooed bride?

After the wedding party had departed, we too thought it was time to gather ourselves together and move on through the remains...

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  • Thanks for the photos of the wedding - a great people watching opportunity (one of our favourite pastimes!) Loved the shoes (esp the ones with red soles) Helen

    By Blogger Unknown, at 1:12 pm  

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