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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Using my studio

This morning I have been working in my studio for the first time and I think it'll take some getting used to! Don't get me wrong, it's great and I am enjoying having so much room to work. But until I get everything settled in, know where stuff is and, perhaps most important, have the things I use most frequently to hand, it means a lot of walking around!

I made a couple of small books for friends. I can't show you them now, but in due course, I'll post pictures.

In the grand clearout which preceded the arrival of the builders, I came across this Xyron 500 adhesive "machine" - a bit like an old fashioned mangle. I'd forgotten about it and like so many gadgets, it had been relegated to the back of a cupboard. I remembered it to be a good way of achieving a good even coverage of glue and decided to use it for my books yesterday. Trouble is, I had to fit a refill - and the photograph above shows the empty cartridge which needs to be disposed of.

My conscience won't let me use something which creates such a huge amount of (?unrecyclable?) waste to stick two pieces of paper together. Bring back the Pritt stick!!

Incidentally, have you registered for the WI Carbon Challenge yet?

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  • Wow, that is some studio space Gill. That could accommodate a lorra,lorra mess! Love the downlighters.

    By Blogger Sally Webster, at 9:28 am  

  • Glad you're in and working. It takes a while to get everything sorted just so and close to hand. ENJOY!

    By Blogger Unknown, at 9:53 am  

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