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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Being a member of cabin crew must be boring

So, it came as a breath of fresh air to meet the American Airlines staff member with a wicked sense of humour on one of our flights. Here's a selection of her wit.

"If the cabin pressure should fail, you have 45 seconds to quit screaming and grab a mask. If you were paying attention, you'll know how to fit it"

"If the person next to you wasn't paying attention, you need to decide whether you want to help them or not"

"be careful when opening the overhead lockers because as we all know, shift happens"

"crew members will pass around the cabin and collect anything you don't wish to take with you. Children and spouses are excluded"

She was a woman "of a certain age" who had everyone on that plane listening more intently to the safety announcement as a result!

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