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Sunday, July 01, 2007


Just putting away the goodies from my trip and amongst the first things I came across was the little bag of bone "clasps" I tracked down in Paper Source. I plan to make a book with a fastening and though I was careful to choose six good ones, I don't think I appreciated the variation in size until now. Never mind - I will have to make sure I use the odd ones as singles, keeping the similarly sized pairs together.

Last Sunday, we were in Pasadena and called into the San Raphael Bead Company on the way back to Mary's. Couldn't resist replenishing my supply of these "niblets" - really cheap, interestingly shaped beads, even though I have plans for them yet. I rather liked the cubes too - not so regular and polished as some I have.

On my last trips to the US, I've kept an eye open for this Fiskars "Paper Drill". Found it in what must be the tidiest Michaels I've ever been in, in Bozeman MT. Of course, I didn't have a 40% off coupon when I got it - that came in the following day's newspaper. Bozeman was quite a good place for crafty souls - not only was there the new and sparkling Michaels, there was the sad, neglected JoAnns at the other end of town (I suspect there is a connection in their respective conditions) They were offering 25% off, so I took the chance to get a handful of the new (to me) non-slip Olfa rulers. In addition to the small square, I got a long 3" wide one and a medium 6" wide. They're easy to fit in a suitcase!

We also stumbled across Reproduction Fabrics in Bozeman and I couldn't resist this little bundle of fabrics, reproduced from antique French designs. No plans as yet, but we'll see.

Finally, the yarn. you've already seen the Toefutsies. As well as that one, there's the pink Crystal Palace kid merino, Blue Moon Fibers "Rio", Blue Moon Fibers ribbon (for the mobius scarf on the needles right now) and the green "montana" colour sock yarn which is Mountain Goat. I restocked with a few different sizes of the small Brittany dpns and an extra long Addi circ for the mobius.

And that, I think, is it! Oh, succumbed to a couple of books too - the Interweave Press Favorite Socks, and the magical "Knitting Never Felt Better" by Nicky Epstein, which has got me itching to knit up that kid merino.

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