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Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday again

I went to work in Cardiff today, a beautifully sunny and warm Friday, to judge some entries for the Eisteddfod in September. I had great fun working my way through cards, beadwork, embroidered samplers and pincushions and there were some lovely things.

We went to the pub for lunch and I took the opportunity to call into the gift shop at Cardiff Castle for a couple of things for an online chum who can't get there herself.
I decided this container would be useful for I have plenty of manion bethau. It fits well on my shelf, next to my box of "treasure" postcards.
(I was with my welsh speaking friend, or else I wouldn't have had a clue, either!)
Whilst walking along the walls, I spotted several creatures, all different and looking either menacing or cute...I can't decide!

We really appreciate all your notes following the water "incident" the other night and can honestly say that we got off very lightly indeed. Helping with the water distribution outside Quedgeley library yesterday afternoon made me realise how lucky we were. There was a good spirit there and the team of WI volunteers worked well together, having a laugh at the same time. We hear on the news an hour ago that our tap water is now safe to drink if boiled first, but we should still take care and the bottled water is still available freely. It is likely to be several more days before we get the whole "all clear".



  • Love cardiff, I remember walking over that bridge when I was a kid and being scared to death, but my Dad did tell me that they came alive at night! cruel git! Is the eisteddfod hard to enter? I live in swansea and am a welsh speaker but don't know how to find out about entering work for this?

    By Blogger Carol, at 10:25 pm  

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