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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One last special day (1)

One of the remarkable things about this trip has been that every day has been terrific in one way or another. So many memorable events, places, people - and there was still one more to go.

This morning we set off for Angkor Wat. Well, actually, at 7.30 this morning, we began the day at Ta Prohm, another temple in the Angkor complex. This particular temple has been overcome by trees; the roots of the Spong trees have strangled parts of the ruin and the atmosphere in the early morning steamy jungle was quite remarkable.

This was the temple of Tomb Raider stuff and as we wandered through the dark and musty galleries, we tried to imagine how it must have been. In the central hall, holes in the wall remain where jewels had been placed - hard to believe how it could have once been studded with diamonds and pearls when now it was such an empty shell.

Hardly any colour beyond the trees and the occasional saffron draped buddha. So photogenic - I filled two whole memory sticks!

We were not quite lucky enough to have the place completely to ourselves, but our guide's experience led us to find the places others didn't go and his patience meant that we were able to wait until the tour group rushed through.

This was too special an experience to hurry.



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