An elegant sufficiency

Friday, November 09, 2007


As we walked to the Abbey in Tewkesbury for the launch of our book on Wednesday evening, we remarked what a glorious time of the year Autumn can be.

Here in the Cotswolds, Autumn has taken time to get going this year and even now, well into November, the weather is fine and sunny and the colours are still vibrant.

So perhaps I was simply being maudlin as I wandered around the garden and lingered over the remains of what had been. I told myself to be positive, to be thankful and not to worry.

The roses continue to flourish and the lavender is still going strong, its fresh scent a soothing reminder of warm summer evenings.

The rose bush by the wall had just one bloom remaining, full of perfume. I cut it and brought it inside to enjoy, thinking of my Mum as I did it.

Then I planted paperwhites and hyacinths, to remind me to be optimistic about the future and to look forward not back.

Keep calm and carry on. All will be well.



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