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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Up and down and all over the place

I've had a rare day at home today, having copped out of the Textile Treasures in Cardiff as a result of my Mum's continuing problems, though I hope to be there tomorrow to offer a little burst of energy to help with the packing up.

The news from Hull is mixed - details on our family blog here and I'm getting to know the M42 pretty well, as you'd expect. But we are trying to carry on as normal as far as possible in spite of frequent trips north.

One rather yummy thing has come my way in the last couple of days, though. I've been invited to travel on the inaugural carbon-neutral Eurostar to Paris for the day on November 14th, as a result of signing up for the carbon challenge and participating in some other green initiatives recently. Mark is green too - but with envy - because I'll get to see the newly refurbished St Pancras Station which looks pretty spectacular. I'll also get to spend an evening in Edward's company which is always fun - hopefully he's booked us somewhere interesting for dinner.

So, we're keeping chins up here, trying to stay calm and keep going but worried about Mummy, of course. Let's hope we can get her on some kind of even keel soon.

Oh, and I've now joined in the fun of Ravelry and am fast discovering the joys of LibraryThing . Do I need more distractions? As if!



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