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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Life on Board

A trip on board this luxurious ship would confirm every prejudice about cruises and the people who take them! The population is primarily American, mostly elderly and some 400 of the 750 are booked on the full, round the world trip. Some began their journey earlier still - one chap who joined the craft class today had begun the journey in Fort Lauderdale on December 21st and will finish his cruise at the end of April.

Quite how they do it, I have no idea, for luxurious as it is, it isn't home and one could tire of certain aspects. Too much of a good thing, perhaps.

But a certain culture seems to have been created and as an incomer for only a short part of the journey, it's interesting to step back and observe.

Those who are booked to travel the whole journey are endowed with a "World Cruise 2008" name plate for their door. Of this select group, many bear further trophies in the form of name plates from previous World Cruises. In addition, many doors have collections of keepsakes from places along the way.

Regardless of nationality, wealth, age or experience however, we all find ourselves in one particular room. This is the great place to catch up on the gossip, encounter interesting folks with tales to tell and at times, it's the most popular place on the ship.


  • and here I was hoping to see a picture of the it! There have been articles in the NY Times recently about people who retire to cruise endlessly. One was a woman who just moved in and never leaves the ship.

    I am decidedly not a cruiser, one trip told me that, but they are a bunch of rare birds, glad you are getting to see them up close and personal.

    love the view from here,

    By Blogger jordi , at 3:00 pm  

  • These used to fill with sea water in the olden days... is it real water now for washing?
    The stuff hanging outside the doors reminds me of College days. We used to hang our trophies on the doors as well.
    Have a good time in the bar.--- Jordi there are no pictures of the bar, as the camera probably could not focus by then.


    By Blogger Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese, at 11:50 am  

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