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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A little knowledge

Isn't it interesting how a little knowledge and limited resources makes us more creative than a whole studio full of stuff? I wonder if I sometimes can't see the wood for the trees and intend to simplify my approach now I've got the time to develop some ideas.

Take last week for example. Though I had done a bit of spiral rope beading before, an hour's "Make and Take" workshop in Glasgow refreshed my memory of how to do it and I quickly finished a little bracelet to go into my bag of judging samples.

Evenings around the table at the cottage whilst at Birmingham provoked us all to do something - and since I'd been knitting at times throughout the day, I can't say the needles called. Anyway, we were all infected by Lisa's new enthusiasm for beading, inspired by our friends from Alice in Tokyo on the stand opposite.
Then, in the box of beading stuff I'd taken for Lisa, I found a couple of pots of beads which I thought I'd try mixing together for another bit of spiral rope.

This is the result. More beading than I've done in ages. Possibly a more adventurous combination than I'd have gone for had I been able to access the huge drawer of beads I have stashed away here "for that particular project". No book meant that I simply had to get on and do it and never mind the consequences.
A lesson learned.



  • and how nice to have a 'lesson learned" end up with such a great result! I love those you well know... and that is going to look great on you.

    Usually lessons learned come when you are walking away shaking your head trying to figure out where it all went wrong..

    have FUN on this trip..

    By Blogger jordi , at 5:24 pm  

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