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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Off again

A short time at home and a morning spent eyeing the clock, wondering if I've got time to do whatever-it-is, fritters away faster than imaginable. Yet, all the washing is done, dried and repacked, I've made a crystal bracelet following an idea gleaned in Glasgow and which would disappear into the ether unless I got on and did it immediately and I've sorted out one or two things along the way. Returned a couple of calls, done email, read a couple of blogs and here I am, sitting thinking "there's no point in getting there too early".

Last night, we went to see Alison Neil perform her "Shakespeare Ladies Club". Brilliant. OK, so I would have rather stayed home by the fire and blobbed out in front of the TV, but I'm really pleased we went for she put on a terrific performance.

So, on with the show and off to Birmingham NEC. See you on Thursday, Maggie - and half of Gloucestershire on Saturday!

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