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Sunday, March 16, 2008

To think some do this for a living

Setting up this exhibition so soon after the last was hard going. Above all, it made us realise what a rotten life it would be to do this all of the time, going from show to show, packing and unpacking time after time.

So any opportunity for the added diversion of people watching was a bonus.

Fortunately, with practice, everything goes more smoothly and before long, we were more or less done.

In the evenings, a little crafty activity was shared around the dining table, accompanied by a glass or two of a clear liquid which could have been sparkling water but wasn't.

And those who had succumbed to a purchase or two during the day shared the fun of opening up the boxes.

If they could get the polystyrene packaging off, of course.

It's been a long haul since last July, when all of this began, but along with the hard work and time away from home, it's been fun to be with good friends and share the pride of being associated with such a great project.

(Missing Lisa, who shared the fun of the Wales v France rugby match with us by phone yesterday!)


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