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Sunday, April 06, 2008

A day at sea, pt 2 - after lunch

Lunch is usually from the pool grill, where each day there is a different array of very appetising dishes to tempt us. Today was an American-style barbecue with steaks and salad, corn on the cob and baked potatoes. Any resolve to go without lunch usually fails and a selection from the ice cream cart just finishes the meal nicely.

Not much time for an afternoon nap, then, before it's time for the Art Class and a cool break indoors playing with fabric and thread and catching up with the chatter. There are plenty of other activities on offer - at the other end of the room where the art group meet, there's a bunch playing poker. In addition, there's usually an interesting "enrichment lecture" in the theatre and on occasion an art auction. Perhaps I'll write about the "art" on board in a later entry!

Anyway, today I finished my "kantha quilt"

Late afternoon is time to blog, upload pictures and perhaps visit that other small room.

Shower and change too, because, before long, it will be cocktail time and a gin and tonic will be just the ticket.

Decision time over dinner, shall it be four courses or the full seven? Which restaurant? Red or white wine? (that one's easy...both!) The food on board is top notch, we are always spoiled for choice and if there's nothing we fancy, we can order anything - anything - we choose.

Then, after dinner, the theatre for a show. We've enjoyed a sparkling performance by a Broadway "belter", Jeri Sager and an Irish baritone, Nyle Wolff, accompanied not only by the resident band but also a shot of Drambuie on the rocks.

After the show, many go on to a quiz, to the gaming tables or to dancing and more drinks. We, being the more abstemious sort, retire to our suite, where Farida has left us a chocolate, tomorrow's programme and an extra, nice surprise

We have an extra hour!


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