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Friday, May 09, 2008

Busy week

Retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be...

Of course, I haven't retired completely - only relieved of responsibility for one aspect of my life! It has, however, freed up quite a large chunk of my time and I'm finding I have the time to do things which I perhaps wouldn't have squeezed in before. That's fun.

So, for example, I was able to meet
Maggie and have lunch in Stroud before going to a couple of the Textile Festival exhibitions as she reported on her blog. We were both committed to work in the afternoon however, so we headed off to Cinderford in the afternoon to challenge ourselves with some computer software and stuff.

On Wednesday, the weather was going to be more of the same - glorious Spring sunshine, so Mark and I headed off out for the day and pottered about the Cotswolds. We began with
Naunton, where the village church was looking picture perfect.

Inside the church, all was peaceful and calm. The beautifully stitched kneelers caught my eye - of course - all the same pattern but the different colours chosen by the people who made them added a touch of individuality to each one.

In the porch, a notice about the local WI meeting caught my eye - well it would, wouldn't it?

We enjoyed a short wander about the churchyard, mooched about the gravestones and marvelled that the time was exactly right - give or take an hour's British Summer Time.

The forget me nots were in full flower in the lane as we walked back to the car - I just had to have a photograph of that gorgeous blue which shimmered in the sunshine.

We made the most of our day out, for the following day I had to attend a meeting and then some training for my work.

And then today was rather similar - even though it was a different set of people in a different location, the view was remarkably similar!

But tomorrow is Saturday, I'm meeting Paulene in Birmingham where we're going to an exhibition and maybe explore one or two other places too, of which the Rag Market might just be one...

Watch this space.



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