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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Problem solved

Ever since our garden room was finished, there has been an empty space above the double doors which lead into our sitting room. In direct sun for much of the day, this was not a place to put textiles or anything precious - in fact, we struggled to think of what to put there at all. But a large gable end is a big space and we always felt the need for something there.

We once saw a quirky wire sculpture in Brewery Arts, Cirencester, but we dithered and dallied and it was gone before we had made up our minds and of course, we've never really seen anything we liked as much. so, the wall has stayed empty.

Until now.

Whilst in Basel, at the Vitra Design museum, we spotted this Algae and fell for it immediately. It's made of individual components which fasten together with pegs and can be arranged in whatever shape suits. It's simply plastic and could be used indoors or out - in fact, since we've been home and done a google of it, we rather wish we had bought more...but of course, we had to limit ourselves to what we could carry.

Now, I think we might rather like more and wish it would grow a bit, though maybe not quite as fast as its living counterpart in our pond. Perhaps we'll just have to make another purchase.



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