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Sunday, May 11, 2008


We've been out in the garden all day, sorting out things ready for the summer. Mark's cleaned all the outdoor furniture, jet washed the paving stones and paths and I've sorted out all the picnic stuff we keep in our summerhouse - you might say that we are prepared for some sunshine!

This viburnum was looking so gorgeous in the sunshine, layer upon layer of frothy white flowers. We're not really gardeners at all, but it's lovely to see things growing and thriving. Our pond was positively heaving with life - tadpoles, newts, dragonflies, pond skaters, water snails and every so often, a frog would pop out from under the water and sit and take the view in for a while.

A veritable hive of activity as we all went quietly about our business for the day.

So, when I went to put the broom away, I was staggered to find that it had not been all peace and quiet for some. At some point during the afternoon, whilst we were happily getting on with things, a murder took place, the evidence being a large scattering of pigeon feathers but no body (thankfully).


We have no idea. Surely, we would have spotted a fox strolling through our garden as they do frequently - but not usually when we are outdoors. Perhaps it was a sparrowhawk or similar? The last time that happened, however, the sounds of squawking and horrendous squeals from the poor victim (a blackbird) upset me no end. We didn't hear a thing.

So, we have no idea. Just goes to show though, that on a peaceful Sunday afternooon in a Cotswold garden, all kinds of dark and mysterious goings on occur without our knowledge. We'd better be careful!

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