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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A circuitous route home

Little did we know, when setting off from Chiang Mai last night, that our route home would be via Osaka! But the BA plane which had developed an oil leak couldn't be repaired and so we gratefully accepted the alternative offered and flew JAL to Heathrow via Kansai. We arrived home at around 4.30pm this afternoon and our luggage landed at 6.30pm, having come separately on board a Thai flight today. Omar, the most efficient JAL baggage manager has worked wonders and has already identified our bags, collected them from the carousel and taken them to the baggage delivery people who will bring our suitcases here tomorrow and deliver Edward's to him in Finsbury Park too.

Sometimes, the easiest thing is to sit back, relax and let everyone get on with doing what they do best. Last night, of course, we had no choice but to do exactly that and I'm pleased to say it all turned out fine in the end.
It's good to be home.

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  • There are probably at least 10 ways to tell that story, and I love the attitude that let you choose the way you told it. You are so right and so often energy is wasted railing against the universe. I SWEAR that if you just lean against it you will find support. Glad you and all your belongings (soon) are home safe and sound. It sounds like the most WONDERFUL of trips and I want details and pictures next month.

    By Blogger jordi , at 9:16 pm  

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