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Friday, April 18, 2008


I've been quiet since we arrived home, but things around here have been anything but.

I'd already agreed to teach on Monday, in Devon, which was fun and the Spring weather made the drive rather more enjoyable than it might have been. Even the M5 looks great in sunshine! Tuesday was set aside for a full day's commitment to work - always good to be amongst colleagues, especially in such comfortable surroundings. So it was Wednesday before I even opened my suitcase!

A charity lunch meant that the middle of the day was a sociable affair and I'd planned to spend morning and late afternoon sorting out the washing, putting things away and all of those post-holiday jobs which result in piles of stuff which need to be dealt with. A phone call soon denied me that pleasure!

To cut a (very) long story short, a TV channel wanted to do a report on the new "make do and mend" - could I gather some friends together to darn socks and so on. Sure I could - but for tomorrow morning? A challenge I could have done without but being a "say yes, wonder why later" kind of person, I agreed. Then immediately regretted, because the rest of the day was taken up by making phone calls, calling in favours and trying to rally the troops. Not easy at less than 24 hours notice.

After a restless night and panicky morning, I got a call to say they'd decided not to run the story after all. Thanks.

Why do we do it?

Somewhere in there, too, I agreed to participate in a mammoth knitting project for a TV company as well. Will I never learn?

Once I'd settled down yesterday morning, I took a walk around the garden. Though the sun was shining and it looked glorious, it was freezing cold, so my walk was a brief one. Not too brief to miss an amazing display of self seeded primulas which have been flowering since Christmas but seem to be coming to the most glorious finale right now.

It's good to be home!



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