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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Curled up with a book

A rainy Saturday afternoon seemed like a good opportunity to get right on with Knit One Kill Two, and so I settled in after lunch and had it finished by tea time! Yes, it's an easy read and for me, a definite "down in one" book.

The characters are a bit cardboard cut-out, but the clues weren't too obvious (apart from page 76!) and the descriptions of the textures and colours in the yarn store were well done, I felt. The knitting pattern and recipe in the back of the book seemed a bit superfluous - I mean, who needs a pattern for a fluffy scarf? I did feel a bit daft by being surprised by the second murder though and clearly hadn't given the title much thought!

Whereas I wouldn't dash out to buy the next in the series, and still don't consider myself a crime reader, I enjoyed the book and if I were stuck for another easy read, I'd happily get another. I think it will amuse my bookgroup, who will no doubt be bringing some serious crime fiction along to counteract this little bit of fluff!

Finding the Amazon link this morning, I came across several of these "theme" books which have amused me greatly:

Hanging by a Thread and Cutwork by Monica Ferris are needlework themed, and there are a lot more where they came from!
On What Grounds and Through the Grinder by Cleo Goyle are amongst the Coffee Shop mysteries.
Dearly Depotted and Slay it with Flowers by Kate Collins are in the Flowershop mystery series.
And I won't tell you where The Jasmine Moon Murder and Camomile Mourning are based. It's the same place as The English Breakfast Murder of course.

So, what do you think comes first, the title or the plot?! I can say that if you can think of a pun, I bet it's out there already!


  • Nice to see that I'm not the only one making good use of a rainy Saturday afternoon!

    One book I liked, which has a needlework and crime/mystery theme running through it is "The Persian Pickle Club" by Sandra Dallas. It's set in America in the Depression and I have read it more than once.

    By Blogger MandellaUK, at 11:39 pm  

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