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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Like proverbial London buses

- no blog entry for a few days and then several all at once.

The fact that three different people offered me plums yesterday led me to go and look at the progress of our own. I knew they were not completely ripe, but thought I'd take a closer look and maybe get enough for a crumble.

I was right, the plums need a few more days of sunshine, but oh my goodness, the apples were dropping off the trees and there are so many of them!

This one had a rather cute "birthmark"

(It's now in a pie by the way!)

The fun came when I walked underneath the greengage tree and bumped my head on a branch - I was showered with a deluge of the small round, golden fruit which was so ripe it was ready to fall. I collected a large bowlful and brought them in for lunch. When I ran cold water into the bowl to wash them, bubbles of air formed around each fruit, giving the impression they were set in glass, each fruit having an individual crystal casing.

As soon as I put my hand in and disturbed them, the effect was gone.

The greengages are gone too. They were yummy!


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