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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hotel Art 8 - Cornwall

I realised that I haven't yet posted photographs from our weekend in St Mawes and thought priority should be given to the next in my Hotel Art series. This little collection (all originals, it seemed) were to be found in our smallish room - treasures, every one. I'm sorry that I have no artists to attribute these pieces to - must remember to ask questions and make notes next time.

This stood on the windowsill and was one of several differently sized examples to be found throughout the hotel. Not all ammonites.

This oil (?) painting hung above the bed head. Not my favourite piece but a pleasing palette.

This amusing drawing was on my side of the bed and for some reason reminds me of my friend Grumpy's work. I can imagine her stitching something like this on her sewing machine.

These last two pictures were hung together above the chest of drawers with a table lamp in front of them. The frames were very different from one another and yet the ensemble worked very well indeed.

I should (could) be braver in my hanging arrangements!



  • Do like your series on hotel art Gill. You obviously stay in a better class of joint that I do!

    By Blogger Sally Webster, at 8:23 am  

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