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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Waking up on a Gloucestershire morning

I was not the only one waking up slowly around 7am this morning. For at least half an hour before that, some little perisher was singing his heart out. Anyone would think it was Spring - but I don't think we're quite there yet even if it was a beautiful morning, as you can see.

I nipped downstairs and grabbed my ipod voice recorder to share the fun and leaned out of the window to take a photo at the same time. It's taken me all day to get this post together and only now do I realise that good old BBC Breakfast News is there in the background.
If you have any idea what bird has got that marvellous voice, I'd love to know so I can look out for him/her. And though it sounds like we live in the middle of the jungle, rest assured, this really is only deepest, darkest Gloucestershire!

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  • Hi Gill

    I dont know what your little perisher is but it is lovely. I like sitting out at dusk (yes, even in this cold weather) because there is a blackbird who sings his heart out, maybe I'll try to record it for my blog.

    By Blogger Lesley, at 11:05 am  

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