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Monday, April 02, 2007

Hej Stockholm!

I had a terrific day walking around the city, enjoying the sunshine and following recommendations from several blogs and websites. The whole city seemed to be out in the open air, relishing the arrival of Springtime. The cafes had put out tables and chairs (and blankets) and the flower stalls were not only well stocked with plants and flowers, but also brightly coloured feathered branches, ready prepared for Easter decorations later this week.

I took the tunnelbahn to Sodermalm and Marias Garn following recommendations here and here and was not disappointed! Delightful shop with a fine collection of yummy individual yarns some of which simply had to come home with me!

I hopped off the train at Gamla Stan, the old town, on the way back and wandered around the streets enjoying the colourful houses and unexpected corners.

I can imagine one or two of my friends who'd have made a bee-line for this store (wouldn't you, Sue? Carol?) Though I had a look inside and tried on a black version of the skirt worn by the saleslady in the photograph, I think I'd draw the line at the drawers... It was good to see mail-order things for real, if you see what I mean.

I enjoyed a browse around Marimekko and loved their Spring windows.

Sadly, it was soon time to make our way back to the airport.

Sorry about the blurry photograph, but then wouldn't you be surprised to see a reindeer when checking in?



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