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Monday, April 16, 2007

The Loot

One of the delights of travelling to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean is going shopping. It's not always that I need to buy stuff...but it's such fun looking! Thing is, with such a good exchange rate right now, some things are very tempting. As usual I had a list, built up over several months with things seen in magazines, favourite products simply not available here (why can't we buy Ziplock bags? Different flavoured toothpaste? Altoids?) and there's always a few other bits and pieces which are more easily obtained in a city than a small Cotswold village!

I began with white Sharpies - which seem to be the only reliable pens to work on every dark surface. I thought I'd get an assortment whilst I could.

Visiting Jordi is fraught with danger, however, because en route to her apartment there is an enormous Barnes and Noble we simply have to visit. I am envious of having such a great resource on her doorstep and yet....our new bookshelves are not never-ending!
I haven't really had chance to look closely at either of these yet - the Bracketologist book was one I thought Edward might find amusing (he did) and Kaleidoscope was one of those titles I stumbled upon and which looked interesting at the time. I left others on the shelf, having noted their titles for my next Amazon order. Whilst there, I also came across a copy of Eat, Pray, Love and commented that I fancied reading it - generous soul that she is, Jordi passed her copy to me immediately. I'm looking forward to starting it soon.

Next was to Purl. I've already revealed the yarn haul, so there's only one small thing remaining - the Weavette book. I bought the looms last year and am looking forward to playing around with them a little more, now I have some patterns.

Staying where we do has the added advantage of being close to all manner of bead and button stores, and amongst them is one particular store selling amazingly cheap tat - sorry, costume jewellery! I quite liked these shell bracelets and thought they were made to an interesting design. They're elasticated, so easy to wear.

Also nearby is Tinsel Trading which is where I found some unusual sequins to share with a good friend who will no doubt do something very creative with them. Either that, or like me, she'll tuck them away somewhere and enjoy looking at them from time to time! I have tried very hard to photograph them more closely but sadly, my skills just don't stretch that far. I will have to ask my photographer buddy Helen for advice! Here they are with a copy of Vogue Knitting magazine and they are on Tinsel Trading's website here too.

Finally, whilst in The Ink Pad (in search of Sharpies) I spotted this rubber stamp. How could I not bring it home with me?

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  • I have always wondered what Tinsel Trading was like - have often ogled attheir website - sound slike you had a great time

    By Blogger Downunderdale, at 5:32 am  

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