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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cathedral Art!

There is a single photograph on the wall of our hotel room here but today I think that blog space is better devoted to the art we found in St Bavo's cathedral yesterday. Stunning paintings by a Korean artist whose name I didn't write down, thinking I'd be able to find it easily by googling later....duh. Any google search for "art" and "St Bavo" merely turns up the most famous, Van Eyck's Adoration of the Lamb. Of course, we spent a while ogling that one too, but it was the colourful hangings adorning the main nave which I wanted to record. Much building work is being carried out inside the choir and the area behind the altar is screened off with a plain white board. Providing a very effective distraction from the building work, these huge canvases (probably almost 50 in total) are full of colour and I found myself sitting gazing at each in turn, contemplating the shapes and colours. I love them!



  • Beautiful!

    I think I rather favor these over the ones in thehotel room,although the white peeling-painted file cabinet one is not bad...

    These are much more joyful.

    By Blogger kt, at 6:22 am  

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