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Sunday, June 17, 2007


When we were planning our trip, we sought the advice of good friends, the Valentine sisters, regarding somewhere to stay in Montana. Maggie suggested Bozeman, where she had lived and worked as a Professor at the University of Montana some years ago. Her advice was based on the fact that any university town is likely to offer more in the way of creative vibes and sure enough, Bozeman is an interesting place, growing fast with an upbeat and positive atmosphere.

Perhaps a Sunday morning wasn't the best time to explore. But hey, we had a good potter around and enjoyed peering in shop windows and dropping into the occasional gallery.

The Altitude Gallery was very interesting indeed and we could have easily come away with several pictures for our wall, had it not been for the fact that my luggage has already got a "Heavy" label on it! We especially liked the work of Jane Smithers and found photographs by Dennis Kirkland fascinating.

Just around the corner was a knitting shop. I normally like to highlight the individual shops I visit, because I have googled a placename myself on several occasions and brought up the name of a local store mentioned in a blog somewhere which has fitted the bill exactly. Today, however, I left empty handed and we'll simply move right along, saying no more. I'm hoping to visit The Yarn Shop and Fiber Place tomorrow, where hopefully I'll find some Mountain Colors yarn - a Montana product.

After a great coffee at the Leaf and Bean cafe we hit the road again and pootled to Livingston, site of a railway museum we'd read about. Great place, interesting and set in a fascinating building designed by the same architect as Grand Central Station in New York City, such was the importance of the railway in the early days of Yellowstone.

On the way home, this chap strolled along by the car, fine fellow that he is. We also enjoyed a short stop by this statue of John Shields, a member of the Lewis and Clark team of explorers. What a beautiful setting for a fitting memorial.

Supper was an "interesting" pizza at the MacKenzie River Pizza Company which was very good indeed, although we drew the line at mandarin oranges and stuck with pretty conventional toppings!

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