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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Connected again

No blog posts for a while as we were in a communications desert - no email, no cellphones. But what we lacked in technology, nature more than made up for in so many ways.

This is where we have spent the last few days. Elizabeth's house on the coast north of San Francisco is simply breathtaking and was ours for a short time as we chilled with our great friend Mary.
We loved the wildlife, quite literally on our doorstep in some cases, in others just around the corner, over the edge so to say.

We walked, talked and tried to fly kites in the brisk sea breeze.

We began the Mobius knitting project, though I decided to call a halt after a few inches and wait for a larger needle. Mary's is going well though, in spite of a few wobbles early on.

We drove out to Mendocino, then via long and tortuous road with many a winding curve, leading to nausea as well as to Healdsburg and the wine country. But mostly we simply enjoyed being in the most magnificent house in stunning surroundings.

No cellphone? No internet? No matter!!

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