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Friday, June 15, 2007

Geography lesson

Today's flights from Chicago to Billings MT, via Denver, were a great opportunity to see the landscape of this vast country.
Leaving Chicago, we could see the mall, IKEA and countless other attractions of nearby Schaumburg.
Before long, the landscape opened out into fields,
which changed shape and format as we flew West,
approaching Denver, the mile-high city, with the Rockies on the horizon.
Onward in a smaller plane to Billings, over snow mountains and then
finally coming to land on a bluff above the city. You can see the ridge in the photograph and the airport is on the top of it:
Montana is quite a contrast to Chicago!

We are now in Bozeman and plan a visit to Yellowstone tomorrow. Yes, Edward, we will take good care of our picnic baskets!!

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