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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Arrived in Saigon

Leaving DaNang this morning

Approaching Ho Chi Minh City

Even though officially it's referred to as Ho Chi Minh City or HCMC, everyone calls it Saigon, much easier, we agree. We left DaNang around lunchtime and arrived an hour later, at the same time as three other flights - all on the same baggage carousel!

At least it shows that there's no preferential treatment, whether you're captain or customer, you all have to wait by the same carousel!
We went shopping today and found some DVDs of old favourite TV series, including "The Golden Girls". Picture the scene....and all of that.

Saigon is a totally different ball game from Hanoi, though equally charming in its own way. Reminds us of how Hong Kong and Singapore used to "the old days"! Today we've been to two different markets, one of which was the wholesale market and boy, have we seen some stuff!
It's always nice to have a housekeeper with a sense of humour - look how we found our travelling companions dressed when we returned tonight!



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