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Monday, August 13, 2007

In Hue

That's Hue as the Geordies might say, by the way.

We flew in from Hanoi this morning and have spent the day looking around the old capital, where there are so many temples and tombs and shrines!
This little chap sits upon the roof of the Kings Reading Room in the Forbidden City. He's made of broken bits of china.
This character is one of several on a pillar, also made of ceramic pieces.

Sometimes the ceramic pieces are used to create more complex things. This is at the base of each of four pillars at one of the entrances to the Citadel.

I seemed to spend most of the day taking photographs of interesting views - this one at the tombs we went to this morning.

These incense sticks aren't the ones for sale, but are theresimply to catch the tourists eye to make them stop and take photos. Guess what we did?

In Hue, the bicycles are also well loaded with goods...more bicycles in this case! And the girls here wear long gloves, socks and face masks when riding their motorbikes to protect their skin - they don't care for helmets to protect more vital body parts, though.

I think I know where Kaffe Fassett got his inspiration for some of his needlepoint, now.And lest you think Vietnam is all street life, temples and busy roads, here's a picture of the Perfume River, taken around 5pm this afternoon, just as the sun was going down. Lovely, isn't it?



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