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Monday, August 20, 2007


There's quite a bit of catching up to do, but no time right now! Arriving in Phnom Penh yesterday meant a new hotel and a better internet connection so at least I can share one experience with you today. Bearing in mind events at home just before we left, we found it rather funny

Phnom Penh is very interesting indeed and the Cambodian people charming. Having checked in, we headed straight for the Royal Palace where we were captivated by the wonderful colours, the stunning architecture and overall beauty of the place. Our guide filled us in with just enough background information and we spent a happy hour or two there.

As we left, there were the first few heavy drops of rain, typical for an afternoon at this time of the year, said our guide.

On then, to the National Museum and another guide. This time a happy, giggly lady who had a delightful manner but whose face became anxious as the rain began to fall and a bit of thunder rumbled in the distance. The rain became heavier and heavier and we watched, amazed at the powerful tropical storm outside, which continued for the whole hour we were in the museum.

Time to go, then, and what should we find outside, but a good 12" of water in the street! Our driver insisted on bringing the car right up to the steps so that Sir and Madam wouldn't get their feet wet - Madam's Crocs wouldn't have proved a problem but perhaps Sir's leather Timberlands might not have been so waterproof!

Up to the junction then, and *bang* - our driver reversed the car into another in the middle of the water. We sat whilst the whole accident stuff was sorted out, watching the goings on in the water, children larking about and trying to get our attention, the crowd building up to see what happened - and the antics of the driver of the other car trying to get the best out of the situation as he could. His car was not badly damaged, a light broken at most - but clearly this needed to be sorted and we didn't mind how long it took - the scenes through the window were better than TV.

Sorted out in about half an hour, by which time the waters were receding and the deluge over. We returned to our hotel for a quiet night in, happy hour in the bar and a brilliant Khmer dinner - more later.



  • You will be pleased to know it is raining here too. The monsoons are great fun...I think that is why flip flops were invented. If we had a cold, my Mum used to make us go out and play in the torrential rain. You could swim in the open monsoon drains, they were that deep. Used to cure our colds every time. Don't think I would do it in a city though, we lived on an Island, so it was safe.

    Best wishes


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