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Monday, August 13, 2007

Hanoi Street Scenes

Have a wooden stamp carved whilst you wait

Wonderful arrangement of pipes don't you think?


All kinds of things are carried on and sold from a bicycle

These shops had dried mushrooms for sale - pooh! The air was "perfumed"

Nothing but towels down this street

Every shop in this street seemed to have the same range of wire racks

The Vietnamese answer to a Betterware Man?

Most people wait for the lights to change, but some don't bother.

It's normal to see a whole family on a motorbike, and for baby to "drive"

Taking the dog for a walk (run), Hanoi style across a busy road junction

In the modern city, there are many scenes like this, which could be from the "old days"
The shoe shop assistant has lunch brought in.



  • I am loving these.. wish I was there!! but since I have only packed 110 boxes with probably 25 more to go.. I am glad you guys are there and posting pictures!

    By Blogger jordi , at 2:53 pm  

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