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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hotel Art, Saigon

At Grumpy's request, some Hotel Art. I have to admit to being so taken with the sights and sounds of the day, that much of the hotel art has been overlooked. However, I did document it all, honest!

Danang was totally bereft of art. Totally bereft of quite a bit actually (including internet service, but that's another story!)

Saigon delivered the goods in the form of one framed picture on the side wall. Quite textile-y in a way - though it wasn't. But most certainly the kind of thing produced by the hundred for each room of the hotel. I didn't feel it did a great deal for the atmosphere, certainly didn't give any hint of time or place and could have been in any room in any part of the world.

Above the staircase was this huge ?painting ?print? Couldn't tell. The light was bad there but it was a strikingly large image - probably 5ft square. I feel it all is supposed to mean something but quite what, I have no idea!

My favourite was our bathroom installation. Beautifully posed, don't you think?



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