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Friday, August 10, 2007

In Hanoi, Vietnam

After a comfortable flight (first long haul in ages with no turbulence whatsoever, phew!) we changed planes in Bangkok and arrived in Hanoi around 8pm this evening. The hotel is wonderful, old colonial style with a real feel of "L'Indochine" and we are looking forward to a good look around when we are feeling a little more human.

The queue to board the plane from Bangkok to Hanoi had added amusement in the form of the T shirt the chap in front of me was wearing. Having said that, I couldn't spell Hippopotamus in Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Japanese or whatever his language happens to be, so I have no room whatsoever to poke fun.....

We have learned two phrases of Vietnamese so far - Hello and Thank you. Have forgotten them both though, so need to practise!



  • Hotel looks beautiful Gill - have a good time :) Helen

    By Blogger Unknown, at 8:41 am  

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