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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Life on the Delta

Maggie's comments about the Mekong Delta were timely, for today the plan was to go there. We drove out from Saigon to My Tho, from where we took a boat on a well trodden tourist route, run by a state tourist organisation - but none the worse for that. All plans went seamlessly, one "experience" followed another, and there was no hard sell.

Here are some photos from the day.

On the way to My Tho, we stopped for a close look at a rice paddy and realised we knew little of how rice grows!

One of our visits was to a sweet making workshop, where they boiled up coconut milk with sugar and made a delicious caramelly toffee. We bought.

Paddling - or rather, being paddled - down the small canals was fascinating!

Our driver, an elderly lady with few or no teeth (coconut candy chewing?) wore a Valentino shirt. We suspect it was a copy.

At one point, we rode in a horse drawn truck, past this house where a normal Saturday afternoon was being spent in front of the telly.

Coconut is such a versatile material, and makes beautiful roof patterns!

All in all, another great day which we thoroughly enjoyed.



  • I see the Mekong is as brown and muddy as ever! Had forgotten about the sweets... they are delicious I know why my teeth are falling out.

    Great photos. Think I am enjoying your holiday as much as you are.

    Best wishes

    By Blogger Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese, at 5:52 pm  

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