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Friday, September 07, 2007

Good grief, she sews!

A day at home, set aside for "me". I've had a little project on hand for a few weeks (thanks Fanny!) and today was the day to make the blueprint. Took a while to sort myself out - how long is it since I used the software with my sewing machine to access stitches? - and I never did manage to track down the particular stitch I was after but made do with a similar one which worked just fine.
The product of my labour is now drying in the sunshine (there's a layer of acrylic paint on it) and will be finished later. Seems ages since I fiddled about like this, with fabric and thread and I must say, it's been fun.
Here's to more days fiddling about! I think I have another free day scheduled sometime next March...
Off to see Atonement later, which should be good, too.

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