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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

At home

A day at home and I'm taking a chance to potter around, putting things away, sorting out a pile here and a heap there.
The pile of Christmas books is there on my worktable and I wonder, should I put them away or leave them a while? Which one to start? So many goodies, I think I shall take one at a time and enjoy it before putting it away on a shelf where I'll forget all about it. Once it gets up there with the others, it'll blend into the background, just like my copy of the Vogue Knitting Handbook.
You wouldn't happen to know where I put that, would you? I now have a list of lost things, including my Oyster card, a bank card and my jewellery making tools. I did find the other slipper yesterday though...
Book details on my LibraryThing page, if you're interested.

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