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Monday, January 14, 2008

Photo a Day

I referred a few days ago to my new "Elegant Suficiency 365" blog, strangely titled bearing in mind this is a leap year - but never mind, eh?

So far, I've found no problem at all taking and uploading a photo each day and thought how the project is encouraging me to look at things differently. I drove to Abingdon today, to a meeting at Denman College, along a road I drive farily frequently. Twice in the first part of the journey I spotted things which almost had me screech to a halt to turn around and take a photo, though fortunately good road sense prevented me doing anything of the kind and by the time I made the homeward journey, it was dark.

That's not to say these things would have passed by unnoticed, but somehow I appreciated them all the more than before. I would have loved to have a record of the half dozen or so polystyrene sheets, caught at odd angles in the bare trees having been blown off building site or truck - clean white rectangles in all of that dark twiggyness. And it was such a pity that I couldn't capture the surprisingly bright red of the cleanly cut branches of hedgerow hawthorn, recently laid in the traditional hedging style and so sharply contrasted in the wet, muddy grass of the verge.

I did, however, stop by the roadside between Lechlade and Buscot to take a photograph of the fast running water of the Thames - which of course is difficult to capture in a still photo. So, I uploaded trollies outside Millets Farm Shop instead - the others will stay in my mind and your imagination I'm afraid.

The photo a day is made all the more interesting because I'm juggling cameras. I have the old, familiar Sony Cybershot which has never failed me on several long trips, the bright new Sony Cybershot I had for Christmas which has the fancy touchscreen controls, 8.1 megapixels and a 5x optical zoom and the shiny new Sony Cybershot in the photograph above, which I'm using for work right now (hence the labels I daren't take off!) Love them all!



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