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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Beaten into submission

I'm at that unusual point when, having finished the Tofutsies socks last night, I need another mindless knitting project. Not quite ready for another pair of socks (though they will begin sooner rather than later, I'm sure), I thought I'd make a start on this Paper Bag . I got the materials in Habu, New York, last year and fought with the stuff whilst sitting in Jordi's apartment, making use of her swift, for I didn't have one of my own then. I seem to recall using a few choice words on that afternoon, too.

So, getting the yarn out to begin casting on, it came as no surprise to find that this was going to be a bit of an animal. It slithered and slipped all over the place, taking every opportunity to wind around itself, tie itself into knots and generally misbehave. Time for affirmative action. I rewound the yarn on the ball winder, taking care to make sure I had the inside end there, because I think that's the only way to go.

All the time whilst I was fighting it, I could envisage the kind of look on various faces, perhaps similar to those in the meeting on Friday, whose reaction to my knitting a paper bag - or a bag made of knitted paper - would be all-too-predictable. The Yarn Harlot says it so well and what she says could easily apply to quilting, when we cut fabric up and sew it back together again, to papermaking* and so many other things I do.

But one thing is sure. In the competition between me and a paper bag, you know who is going to win, don't you!

*Why are you ripping up all that paper and soaking it overnight? Why, to make paper of course!

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