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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cup final day

It's Saturday and the day of the FA Cup Final (is it still called that? Maybe not...) As neither of us is really interested in football (though with Hull City in the play-off for promotion into the Premiership, all that might change...) I am planning to use the time to relax and do something more interesting.

Like read a book perhaps. I have just one or two on the current pile including next months bookgroup choice "The Other Side of the Bridge", "Notes from an Exhibition" which I seem to have been reading for ever and "Singled Out" which is absolutely fascinating and needs concentration to grasp all the detail inside. There's the guidebooks enthusing me about our next-but-one-trip in August, the amazingly comprehensive Textiles book I bought as a result of the Red exhibition in Basel and the Gocco Guide which came last week. Finally, the new Gordon Ramsay cookbook, for although I don't care for the man himself and watching his F word show last week made me twitchy, his recipes are pretty good and the monkfish from the programme is on the menu chez nous this evening.

Or I might just browse through one or two magazines. The new Selvedge arrived yesterday and the Marie Claire Idees this morning. I intended to concentrate and read some articles from the two German mags I picked up on the Swiss flight a couple of weeks ago, and then there are the favourites bought on a rare Borders visit last Saturday in Birmingham which still haven't been opened.

Or perhaps I'll do some knitting. These socks, progressing nicely after a hiccup last week - Embossed leaves pattern from Favourite Socks

Or perhaps I'll fiddle some more with a bit of domino knitting in the multicolour cotton.

There's the paper to read

sudoku to finish

and I have a fairly major craft project on the go which I'm sorry, I can't show you just yet.

Of course, I'm doing none of that. I'm sitting here at my computer writing a blog post. And whilst I'm here, I spot the two CDs which arrived yesterday from Gwen Hedley, which looked fascinating on a quick glimpse earlier and which I'd like to look at more closely, when I've done with reading, knitting, working in the studio and getting a meal together.

Don't you think that could be the reason why so many people find it far more fun to just plonk themselves down in front of the TV and watch the Cup final?



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