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Monday, May 19, 2008

Getting ruffled

I've been invited to a party tomorrow, to celebrate a 75th birthday. The invitation suggests that guests wear clothes of the 1930's era. For reasons best known to myself, I've decided that I will be a Nippy for the evening, so this afternoon I grabbed an old cotton sheet and began to sew.

The apron was easy. Half an hour and it was done. A quick spray of starch and it looks quite good. But then I had the cap to tackle. All of those ruffles! I muttered to Mark that I felt sure I had a ruffler foot for my trusty Bernina 1630 somewhere, if only I could remember how to use it.

Thanks to Sue, of Sue's Sewing Palace, Helena, MT, I have a set of Bernina "Footsteps" worksheets, each detailing exactly how to fit and use the fancy feet. Oh boy, did I need that sheet, because fitting the thing wasn't exactly straightforward.

But just five minutes later, there I was, happily ruffling away with not a care in the world! Wow - once again, Bernina wins through. How I love my machine!

And, since I'm working on the use of a little digital camera to record short videos to upload to a website right now, I strapped my little gorillapod to dangle off the top of my sewing machine and here we are, complete with (loud) sound effects.

As for the complete Nippy outfit, it may be unveiled tomorrow. Watch this space.

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  • Well there's impressive! Can't wait to see you in the finished outfit.

    By Blogger Paulene , at 6:51 pm  

  • Great idea to be a nippy but I do think the red nail varnish will have to go!Seriously though I am inpressed with the video

    By Blogger hippopip, at 9:43 pm  

  • Whos' a clever girl then? Beats ironing any day! Seriously this is great. I use a singer ruffler on my Bernina... works great. Just need the adapter. The ruffler is a clever bit of kit.
    Best Wishes

    By Blogger Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese, at 10:48 pm  

  • A very productive afternoon, Gill. Please do show us the ensemble! Have fun at the party.

    By Blogger Sue Krekorian, at 12:44 am  

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