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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Can I take your order now?
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  • Yes , please, may I have something sweet... like you and Mark over here for a visit? or, if not, then a butter tart and a gin and tonic .... I suppose that you don't serve that, though, but then we can go out back and drink them.

    By Blogger jordi , at 9:35 pm  

  • Me too. I would like a cream tea please. Except that I don't drink tea so may I have black coffee instead?
    Nice hat you have there.

    By Blogger Dorothy Gibbs, at 8:58 am  

  • Wow, that looks good! Hope the party was good. Do we get to see the whole ensemble?

    By Blogger Sue Krekorian, at 10:48 am  

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