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Thursday, July 03, 2008

...and finally

..three days in our favourite place of all, Santa Monica. We love LA, we feel a real buzz when we drive down Sunset, along Wilshire, towards the ocean. We stay in an hotel which considers itself "hip" when we aren't hip in the slightest, but it suits us and hopefully this time, they won't lose our car.

We are comfortable here. We've been here enough that we feel no need to go sightseeing but simply enjoy hanging out with friends, soaking up the great atmosphere, the comfortable temperatures and, of course, enjoying delicious food. Driving here from San Diego today, we spent a happy hour with Anne in Santa Ana, sharing tales of our travels and giggling about the silly things we'll remember long after we're home.
Here, more than anywhere, we consider ourselves fortunate. Fortunate enough to be able to share a bit of the good life here every once in a while and better still, know so many lovely people to share it all with.
The last three days of our trip will be as fun-packed as the first two weeks, I'm sure, but somehow, they will be extra-special!



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