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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Back from LaLa land

Since we got back on Sunday, I've been trying very hard to upload my video of the 4th July fireworks, firstly via YouTube and then using Vimeo. In both case, my file was too large and my video-editing experience isn't sufficient to make dealing with that a speedy process. So, for now, a few pictures to be going on with.

I think that it may be the case that Americans living overseas are more enthusiastic about their 4th July celebrations than those at home. Certainly, our expectations of a day full of red white and blue, energetic patriotism, parades and the like were not quite accurate. Of course, the signs were there, some smaller businesses were closed for the day and we spotted the occasional person dressed in stars and stripes, but otherwise this looked like a normal day, much the same as any other.

In the evening we headed, along with 24,996 others, to the Hollywood Bowl where the LA Philharmonic were celebrating 50 years of the Dodgers Baseball Team in Los Angeles together with the traditional Independence Day concert.

Mary had secured us excellent seats and we had a fine view of the stage and the screens on this beautiful Los Angeles summer evening.

The orchestra turned out wearing Dodgers shirts in the spirit of the occasion and the atmosphere was warm and funny. We loved every minute.
And yes, we were on our best behaviour!

By the time the fireworks were due, darkness had fallen and the crowd were expecting something very special. We had never seen such a spectacular display - I hope I can share it with you soon!

Afterwards, we made our way home via the backstage area and had this privileged view of the Bowl, as seen from the stage. My goodness, what it must feel like to perform in front of such a huge audience!

As we passed the iconic entrance before taking the short walk back to Mary's apartment, we remarked on the suitably splendid finale to our trip. We have loved every minute of it!!



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