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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Red White and Blue

When we planned our trip, we decided to stay an extra day or two to take in the 4th July celebrations and were delighted when Mary booked tickets for the Hollywood Bowl show - a great way to finish our holiday.

Yesterday, we had a great time doing one or two last minute things, taking in some of those "Only in LA" moments - where a dog's life includes such luxuries as being taken for a walk in a papoose and a place where you can take your owner (on a leash of course) to buy your home baked doggy goodies.

There was time for frozen yoghurt before heading out - we kidded ourselves that it was better for us than ice cream but it was so yummy I very much doubt it.

As we drove in a round about kind of way to Mary's, there was time to snap one of those buildings which always make us smile as we pass by.

The show last night will be fully reported later. For now, there are suitcases to be packed and just that bit more of Californian goodness to be experienced before we head on home.

See you there!



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