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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

From under the mosquito net

There seems something strange about sitting writing a blog entry on a laptop under a mosquito net! I'm not sure that, with efficient air conditioning, the net is strictly necessary but rather than spend tomorrow scratching, I'll enjoy the cosy security here inside.

Thanks to Paulene, we have also got some sweet smelling anti-mossie stuff too. We are prepared.

We arrived here early evening and have just retired to our room having learned we've been booked on a non-existent flight on Friday. The dilemma was, do we move on a day early or stay an extra day here? For us all, it was no question - stay here a day longer! The bonus for me is that I could book a full day at the Ock Pop Tok centre, rather than the half day I'd planned. Mark and Edward would be happy exploring this delightful place a little longer too. Though we would be sorry to lose a day in Chiang Mai on balance, the new and exciting wins over the wonderful and familiar. But, the whole shebang hangs on the availability of rooms here on Friday night. We sit under our net and wait for news tomorrow.

Our day began in Saigon, with a last run round the shops. We had such a fun day yesterday that we felt we needed nothing more than a bit of shopping before heading to the airport. We managed to complete our lists in the dry sunshine and were back at the hotel by 11am, ready to pack our bags and watch as the heavens opened.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I'll have time to write about the amazing place we visited yesterday. Here's a bit of a teaser...



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