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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The fun continues

Following on from last week's film fun, I had a call to say that a national newspaper was going to do an article about the project and would it be possible for a journalist to come along and talk to me about the ideas and tips I'd given. On this occasion, I would have the support of the PR person and there was nothing new to do - simply use the ideas I'd already got together. Since I didn't feel I had to perform live on camera, I was a little more relaxed about it and made arrangements for them to come here, to my home - somewhere I normally guard carefully and keep private on such occasions.

But then a photographer was arranged and yes, he took over, as they do. We moved furniture, exercised patience as he scouted out suitable locations for pictures of the before, the after and the processes in between.

The journalist had brought a skirt with her, with a "weirdly drooping hem" - her words not mine.

My challenge was to do something with it to make it wearable. Sally's suggestion of making a jacket out of it was a no-go, as were other creative proposals from the Artful Dodgers. This was to remain a skirt, albeit a rather shorter one.

I was a little anxious about it for after all, I don't cut other people's clothes up every day - if at all! I remembered the old chalk and string tip for getting that hem right and managed to pull it off successfully. Fortunately, the Gods were on my side and the shortened, neatened skirt was enthusiasically received and shown off to the photographer with genuine delight - unless the journalist was a better actress than I was!

The results will be published next week sometime I believe, in an article about the project as a whole and will include details of how I did it, illustrated by some of the 450+ photographs taken during the afternoon. It will also be accompanied by my ten tips for survival sewing, because I'm such an expert, you know!

(I had my fingers crossed when I said that)

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  • Blimey, Gill. I knew you were a legend in your own lunchtime, but a potential W-Icon! And I forgot to get your autograph :-(

    By Blogger Sue Krekorian, at 6:44 pm  

  • Oh no, Sue, I'm not a potential W-icon, merely a so-called "expert" (not my description!)

    By Blogger Gill, at 8:37 pm  

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