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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Fun weekend

I've had a really fun time this weekend, starting on Friday, when I met Paulene from her train. She'd booked the last two places on a workshop with Dawn Dupree at Cirencester Brewery Arts after Maggie had told us that she'd booked herself on it. Careful what you tell us about - an Artful Dodger or two might just join you to share the fun!

A couple of days ago we sent off black and white images for Dawn to prepare something for us in advance. Though we had suspected she'd do a Thermoscreen or something we were none too sure, so we agonised a little over what to send. I eventually decided to send an image created from a metal installation in the foyer of Alexandria Library - visit Paulene and Maggie's blogs to find out what they chose to work with.

Anyway, when we arrived, there were our screens, ready to go.

The room was a little tight on space but thankfully, bright and airy with open windows and a light breeze. We enjoyed having the chance to spend a day printing and making use of a range of materials, inspired by Dawn's fascinating exhibition just downstairs.

She was generous with her ideas and experience, ready and more than willing to suggest, advise and explain how to create just the effects we were after. We had great fun.

Lunchtime was bright and sunny and sitting outside with a sandwich and sushi was a good chance to catch up with the gossip.

Our screens held up well, from time to time we oohed and aaahed at some effect or other, the more so if the image was a transient one - here the colours on my screen "popped", though of course, that was all to be washed away seconds after the photograph was taken.

Maggie and Paulene both created some wonderful work which they will surely share. I was happy with mine though am unsure where it will go from here - in which cupboard will it end up?

In the evening, we smartened ourselves up a bit and went, together with our Dodger men, to the Wild Duck in Ewen where we ate, drank and talked the night away.

What a great way to spend a weekend. Thanks Maggie for booking the class to start with, Paulene for letting me in on the fun and nabbing the last two places! And thank you too, Mark, Nigel and Robin, for being such good company last night.

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